Chef Tim Ong from The Cooking Club

It's time to get ready for our class!

Welcome, or welcome back to The Cooking Club!

Before your (first) class, please give the following pointers a quick read:

Class starts at 09:30am GMT/05:30pm Singapore time.

We advise entering the Zoom waiting room by 9:25am UK / 5:25pm SG at the latest.

Your recipe card and the Zoom link is in your inbox.

Before joining, please make sure you do the following:

  • Download your recipe card from the email, and have it handy. You can print it, or have it available on a device of your choice.

  • Weigh out and prepare all of the required ingredients and equipment.

  • Log into Zoom, and update Zoom to the latest version.

  • Change your Zoom name to your Junior Chef's names (eg. James and Sarah) - you must do this from the Zoom menu, before entering the waiting room.

  • Make sure your microphone and speakers are working.


During the class:

  • For safeguarding/child safety purposes, and to facilitate our interactions with you, we ask that you keep your webcam on at all times.

  • We'll keep you on mute during the class to make sure you can hear Chef Tim.

  • Please feel free to ask questions - use the "raise hand" button or wave your hands around in front of your camera, and we'll come to you as soon as we can! Please do not talk over Chef Tim during the class!

  • Our admins are available throughout the class to answer questions in the chat.


After the class: