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Free Zoom Cookery Classes for kids

Get your Sunday plans sorted - and leave the cooking to the kids! In our hour-long interactive online Zoom cooking class for kids, your junior chefs will learn a delicious recipe, practise their cooking skills, and at the end, have a delicious meal or baked good to enjoy for your lunch - all while cooking along with our international community of over 200 families!

Chef Tim will be cooking along with you and your junior chefs - you'll get personal feedback throughout, and can ask for help at any time. It's fun for the whole family!

To join in, all you'll need is:

- A laptop, phone or tablet with Zoom installed

- A responsible adult to supervise throughout

- The simple ingredients and basic equipment in the recipe

A life skill worth learning.

Cooking is a great way for children to foster their creativity, communication and responsibility. Whether you are seeing, smelling, tasting, touching or listening, our culinary activities engage children creatively in a multi-sensory environment, helping build happy memories through learning and respect of ingredients and their surroundings.

We aim to deliver culinary experiences that nurture childrens’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond, bringing families together in the kitchen and at the dining table.


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About us

The Cooking Club is built on six years of expertise in delivering children's culinary courses. Since 2014, we have been teaching the wonderful skill of cooking to children, through after-school programmes and summer camps. It was only natural then, that as the world moved online in 2020, we should do so too.